Type 2 diabetes cure from grapefruit seeds

Type 2 diabetes cure from grapefruit seeds. Grapefruit is the fruit of many people preferred, it provides many vitamins good for the body, cure diabetes. Furthermore, grapefruit seed also can treat type 2 diabetes extremely effective

Type 2 diabetes cure from grapefruit seeds

Finished hot water into fresh grapefruit seed may help cure diabetes drugs

Cure for type 2 diabetes with grapefruit seed coat
Treatment of diabetes from the parts we usually leave: peel, pulp, and seeds because they contain pectin – feel sticky mucus while holding hands.
This substance has many uses as enhances the absorption of nutrients in food, reduce fat, reduce the absorption of lipids, cholesterol and blood sugar control.

For type 2 diabetes, patients need to make about 50 ml of water obtained from seeds grapefruit peel mucus taken before meals for 10 minutes, 3 times.
Continuous use until the blood test, blood sugar returned to normal for diabetics. This method is also very good for people who want to lose weight.

In addition, patients should drink 50 ml of mucus from grapefruit seed coat 60 minutes after meals, 2 times for a time will work for prevention and overcoming lipid disorders, cardiovascular disease, and effective constipation too.

Type 2 diabetes cure from grapefruit seeds 2

Extracting pectin in grapefruit pulp and seeds
You can extract pectin in these components by grapefruit seed into the cup, pour boiling water (70-80 degrees Celsius hotter) submerged seeds, stirring constantly (with instruments to measure up as possible) about 5 -6 minutes and then decanting off the mucus into a separate cup.
Continue doing so until the end of mucus obtained (see touching on all sticky pods).

These varieties of grapefruit pectin may have rated higher seeds 5-6 times with water to clear mucus, fewer pectin types just do 3 times.
If grapefruit seed lot, not used in full, you need to preserve clean by drying or drying the outer shell of the grain and place in a clean bag until use.
Mucus shell of the water from grapefruit seeds should only be used for about 2 days and stored in a cool refrigerator compartment.

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