The porridge for diabetics

Cure diabetes by diet is considered the most basic, with diet to maintain your blood sugar levels.

The regime does not mean abstinence only eat certain types of food and food that is choosing foods to provide enough calories for your body. To increase diversity in nutrition, we introduce some porridge support diabetes treatment to patient selection.

  1. Porridge tapioca: cassava flour 30g, 50g rice. Bring water soaked rice boiled into porridge washed, the water mixed with cassava flour, cooked with porridge on. For patients with hypertension, coronary heart disease, type 2 diabetes, chronic diarrhea, dry throat thirsty mouth.porridge for diabetics
  2. Porridge celery: 60g fresh celery, rice 50 – 100g. Fresh celery washed with chopped cooked rice into porridge, add spices, served hot, morning and afternoon. Indications for the cases of hypertension and diabetes.
  3. Porridge yam: yam 60g, 30g rice millet. Sweet potatoes sliced peeled millet porridge with, eat breakfast. For diabetic patients with damaged spleen weakness.porridge for diabetics
  4. Soup carrot radish abalone: dried abalone 20g (60g fresh), 100g radishes, carrots 100g, add peeled shrimp or lean arbitrary dosage and appropriate spices, cooked into a soup, fed daily or a 2-3 day visit. For the case of fever, dry cough, asthenia, diabetes.
  5. Green bean soup: 200g green beans, add water, cook rice, filtered through cloth buckets for water, light and dark drink, each 1 cup. For patients with diabetes mellitus.porridge for diabetics
  6. Porridge Grain Sorghum: Grain Sorghum porridge, daily feeding. For diabetic patients more thirsty, drink more.

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According to Dr. Nguyen Tieu Lan

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