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Sake diabetes treatment

Leaves sake diabetes treatment 1

Leaves sake diabetes treatment. Take 100g golden millet has fallen leaves fall, okra 100g fresh fruit, fresh young guava leaves 50g, cook drinks stabilize blood sugar effects. According to Dr. Vo Van Chi, author dictionary Vietnam herb, sake is also known as the bread tree. Scientific name Artocarpus K.Forst.et J. communities. G. Forst, of Moraceae. […]

Carp treat diabetes

Carp treat diabetes 1

Carp treat diabetes. Carp scientific name is Cyprinus carpio L. Fish protein 16%, from 3.5 to 5.6% lipids (0.3% of the fatty acid omega-3) Carp fin contains more collagen. Bile pigment bile, bile acids, and sterols. People often use fish, fin fish and honey as medicine. Carp flesh is sweet, calculated average; in spleen and kidney. […]

Preventing diabetes during pregnancy

Preventing diabetes during pregnancy 2

Pregnancy is the period elected mother faced many health problems, including gestational diabetes. The following foods are the choice for the pregnant mother during pregnancy prevented many dangerous diseases. Sweet potatoes: Sweet potatoes are easy to eat, sweet and particularly effective at lowering blood sugar levels and control blood sugar levels effectively. You can boil, […]

Food for diabetes

Food for diabetics is very important in the treatment. Reasonable diet and take sufficient nutrients are one way of treating diabetes efficiently. Here are some very good food for diabetics. Food for diabetics Lesson 1: Pork fried onions Pork fried onion reduces blood sugar Method: Pork washed, chopped into bite size pieces, dipped in boiling water, […]

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