Preventing diabetes during pregnancy

Pregnancy is the period elected mother faced many health problems, including gestational diabetes. The following foods are the choice for the pregnant mother during pregnancy prevented many dangerous diseases.

Preventing diabetes during pregnancy 1

Sweet potatoes help lower blood sugar

  • Sweet potatoes: Sweet potatoes are easy to eat, sweet and particularly effective at lowering blood sugar levels and control blood sugar levels effectively. You can boil, steam or bake sweet potatoes. All the processing is done, all you have the just mouth.
  • Wood ear: Effect hypoglycemia black mushrooms contain polysaccharides thanks. Besides, the content of vitamins, iron, calcium and minerals in the mushroom was also relatively high. So that eat it, pregnant women will absorb the nutrients better.
  • Purple Onion: Can be processed many different dishes, purple onions contain natural chemicals highly effective at lowering blood sugar, reduce blood fat … To avoid diabetes during pregnancy, the mother adds these foods in your daily diet to see its great utility.
  • Seaweed:  Contains very little sugar, seaweed has a positive effect in lowering blood sugar, reduce blood sugar levels. Seaweed farming is a suggestion for the mother to processed foods rich in this vitamin.
Preventing diabetes during pregnancy 2

Seaweed reduces blood sugar

  • Carrots: There are vitamins B1, B2, B9, protein, crude fiber, iron, calcium … but especially carrots have no fat or cholesterol. Therefore, it is extremely beneficial for pregnant mothers suffering from diabetes. In addition, carrots are also used for hypotension, constipation.
  • Bitter melon (melon): She may be afraid to vote are counted foods welding should reject it. However, according to clinical studies, bitter melon is very valuable in the treatment of hypertension. Because such great effect, sometimes, the mother can add it to your meal.
  • Fish: In some types of fish such as salmon, mackerel will be an additional source of omega 3 fatty acids reduce the risk of heart disease and improve insulin resistance. Several times one week, she elected to take this delicious fish on their dinner table to protect your health and love.
  • Garlic: Contains a lot of organic matter such as Allicin, flan ovoids … the crucial component stimulates the pancreas to secrete insulin so that glucose levels are circulated to the cells, reduce blood sugar levels. Pregnant women should eat garlic because of its special uses.
  • Chilli: Do not think of hot peppers you “from the” it when cooking. In a study by Australian researchers suggests additional daily meal peppers will provide the necessary amount of insulin to balance blood sugar (insulin support transport glucose from the bloodstream into the cells). In addition, peppers also contain vitamin C and antioxidants that help regulate hormones. The positive effects of it will make you sure to take it into your meal with a reasonable amount.
  • Apples: The berries contain high levels of protein, a substance that reduces the need for insulin, so this is a great food to help prevent too much sugar stays in the blood for pregnant mothers. Very delicious fruits, the magic effects, so what are you waiting for you not to include it on their menus.
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Apples reduce blood sugar

The above is preventing diabetes during pregnancy, for more information refer to invite you here


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