Guava leaves treatment of diabetes

Guava leaves treatment of diabetes. People with type 2 diabetes when the pancreas does not produce enough insulin or the body’s internal organs do not respond to hormone “transportation” to the whole body.

There are many methods of treatment of diabetes, from drinking, according to Western medicine injections until the remedies in Oriental medicine.
If you still are going to find yourself a safe and effective are not expensive, we would like to introduce a familiar trees diabetes cure that is the guava tree, right in your backyard, easy Search anywhere.

Guava leaves treatment of diabetes

Why have the effect of guava diabetes treatment?
According to research by a team of scientists in Korea showed that guava has therapeutic effects of the disease is quite effective, whole parts of the guava tree leaves and fruits are to maintain stable blood sugar in the blood.

Results showed that guava leaf extract inhibits the activity of the enzyme protein tyrosine phosphatase 1B, directly treating type 2 diabetes patients not only leaves, fresh guava fruit also help patients reduce blood glucose levels safely thanks, compounds pectin (soluble fiber and soluble) inside.

All the results have been proven based on experiments done on rabbits, the rate of blood glucose decreased by 25% in 4 hours when the rabbit drinking guava juice, and this figure is 46% in mice after 4h .
Mechanism of guava leaves hypoglycemia based on the principle of enhanced insulin sensitivity and glucose performance of peripheral organizations.

Guava leaves treatment of diabetes


Diabetes medicine all the guava tree
Medicinal 1:
To treat diabetes with guava, guava leaves you to cook 100g small, daily drinking water. This formula, you can replace it with guava leaves 30gr (any kind will do) excellent substitute for tea.

Medicinal 2:
Apart from the small fine leaves above, you can also combine them with other herbs can also help support similar treatment of diabetes.
You need to prepare young guava leaves 50g, 100g each millet and okra leaf so fresh, all available in a pot of water, boil, drinking water each day.

Guava leaves treatment of diabetes

Medicinal 3:
Similar to Medicinal 2, you are ready to add the following ingredients.
15 grams each including guava leaves, ginkgo combined with 30gr corn stubble. The whole in a pot, drinking water daily excellence.

Medicinal 4:
15 grams each including guava leaves and leaves wire spoon, sharp daily drinking water, also has effects similar to diabetes treatment.

Guava leaves treatment of diabetesMedicinal 5:
This remedy is very simple, just one single type of material is fresh guava fruit, peel, drink water pressure, 2 times, each time 30ml.

Note when using guava diabetes:
Still can treat diabetes effectively, but the shell of this fruit cause blood sugar to rise dramatically. Therefore, let’s peel before eating offline.
It is known that the intestine can guava laxative, however, tannins in the leaves and bark of guava makes constipation increasingly exacerbated.

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