Drinks to prevent type 2 diabetes effectively

Drinks to prevent type 2 diabetes effectively

Diabetes is one of the dangerous diseases and is rising in the world. Therefore, you should have methods to prevent and treat diabetes now.
Let me share with you how to stop diabetes by only 4 drinks formula familiar from Indian people.
According to the newspaper Times of India, who in addition to diabetes medication as directed by the doctor, also need attention and activity mode menu each day to process more effective.

Beverages prevent diabetes should be used every day
1. Juice bitter (bitter gourd)
After much research, health experts concluded that if India drinks 1 cup of melon juice empty stomach every day when there will be effective in preventing diabetes. Accordingly, the best time is early morning when waking up.

Bitter melon juice against diabetes

Note: because the taste of the drinking water is not easy, so you can absorb the nutrients in the melon by taking bitter melon stuffed or sliced melon and brought it fried or soup, the effect is the same such as bitter melon juice.

2. Countries honey
People with diabetes may drink 2 tablespoons honey / day, and if sudden hypoglycemia, use 1 teaspoon of honey / times.
People with type 2 diabetes is divided into 3 hours honey drink per day and only half a spoon.

honey help treat diabetes

3. Black coffee without sugar
This is effective drinks to prevent type 2 diabetes is very effective. In addition, it is vertigo medications for people with diabetes have low blood pressure.
If people with diabetes sipping a small cup of black coffee after a meal, the blood sugar lowering effect is faster and longer.

black coffee without sugar to help prevent type 2 diabetes

4. Water methi seeds
Before going to bed, you get ¼ teaspoon methi seeds are not placed in a glass of water which is then higher grain and let soak overnight. Early in the morning after, when just brushing is done, you drink even a glass of water that methi seeds. After a period of continuous daily use, diabetes will be relieved.

methi seeds water helps diabetes remission

Finally, the Indian experts also emphasized the importance of daily exercise to improve health and to increase the resistance as well as help you prevent diabetes repelled evil monster.
Above are drinks to prevent type 2 diabetes effectively. This is only a brief, to learn more diabetes treatments invite you here. Thank you.

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