Diabetic kidney remains healthy

The survival rate after 5 years in patients with diabetic kidney was equivalent compared to normal kidney transplant patients

A recent study showed that the chance of life for diabetic patients after kidney transplantation, like renal transplant patients without diabetes.

The researchers reviewed data on nearly 1,700 kidney transplants from 1996 to 2007, in which 400 patients with diabetes. Before 2004, patients with diabetes are at risk of kidney transplants died within 5 years more than twice compared with renal transplant patients did not have diabetes.

diabetes remains healthy

diabetes remains healthy

According to the new study, published online in the journal Kidney International, after 2004, the survival rate after 5 years in patients with diabetic kidney transplantation was equivalent compared to normal kidney transplant patients.

The researchers from the Mayo Clinic said that recent research results have much improved significantly help control diabetes in kidney transplant patients.

Dr. Fernando Cosio, medical director of Mayo Hospital, kidney and pancreas Dean said in a press release: “We really are somewhat encouraging to see that this gap is the increasingly clear improvement. Patients with diabetes can receive a kidney transplant a successful outcome as patients without diabetes, so they are well-controlled blood pressure, blood sugar, weight and other factors affecting renal function and general health is going well, this is actually a good sign.’

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