Cure diabetes with honey

Cure diabetes with honey. This is the truth, honey is an effective remedy for diabetes is very good and simple. If used properly, the honey will be the food a “gold” and herbs are good for diabetics.

Cure diabetes with honey

Honey is studied very well cure diabetes

1. Effects of diabetes treatment with honey
Honey is considered to be an effective herbal treatment you are many illnesses. Not only that, it also works to make women beautiful. All thanks to the ability to fight infections, the effect of raising the immune system and prevent the aging effect of honey.
For diabetes, honey has been used as a good medicine since ancient times. Modern studies also demonstrate honey is one of the traditional medicine has a good effect for diabetics to help stabilize and reduce blood sugar.

Honey and other products derived from bees are not the work of recovery and operational capacity of the beta cells of endocrine pancreas increases insulin secretion from there to offset the shortfall but also have the ability to improve the sensitivity of cells to insulin organization.

2. How to cure diabetes with honey
To cure diabetes with honey, a person may apply to the following remedies

Medicinal 1: Medicine from honey combined with black beans and superb fine

Cure diabetes with honey 2

Honey, black beans, and superb flexibility combined diabetes treatment

Ingredients: 10g honey, royal crystal and black beans 30g equal.
Method: First, you get the superb crystal and black beans soaked with water for 10 minutes 1.500ml. Next, scoop out the ingredients and pour into a pot, pour water to simmer for about 2 hours until tender. Then the honey and mix well, eat every day 2 times, each time 1 small bowl.
Food is good for your post-secondary medications gas utility, utility power to your kidneys, very good use for people with diabetes are physically emaciated.

Medicinal 2: honey combined with lotus root juice and other ingredients

Cure diabetes with honey 3

Lotus root with honey combines good medicine cure diabetes

Ingredients: powdered royal links, celestial flower pollen powder, milk, lotus root juice, fresh ginger and place of birth, sufficient amount of honey.
Method: all mixed herbs provide the high form with warm water and then drink heat effect, reducing many eager thirsts in patients with diabetes.

Medicinal 3: remedies from honey and pears
Pear patients using water pressure and for peace have used honey to drink. Medicinal thermal bar effect, good for diabetes, hypertension with lean expression, or feeling gloomy about the afternoon fever, palms, and feet warm, dry lips and throat, thirst, … Besides, using very good remedy for cases of chronic bronchitis, digestive disorders.
Medicinal 4: honey combined with fresh milk and plums

Cure diabetes with honey 4

Honey, milk, plums diabetes cure

Food ingredients medicine has the laxative effect of apple, pumpkin through the bowel in patients with diabetes very well. Patients just grab plum (remove seeds) provide cooked with honey and milk for a few minutes and then eat something to drink.
Medicinal 5: honey combined with lotus juice and biogeochemical
Have you used Lotus and biogeochemical bring juice and juice from the same honey, simmer until a higher form, contained in a sealed container until use? Every day to eat 2 times, each 15g.

Medicinal 6: use honey combined with licorice root and goat
Using goat marrow, approximately equal amounts of honey 54g, licorice 30g. All offers excellent with 600ml of water, then remove residue, her tall form, divided eat several times.
Use this remedy is also effective as the soft target has been applied since ancient times.
Note when to cure diabetes with honey:
Use honey as diabetes cure all very simple but highly effective. However, while using the dosage should be noted to the most appropriate. Because despite the good effects for the patient but also its influence has 2 sides. Overdose causes of counterproductive can make blood sugar rise is not good for the condition because the honey contains glucose and acetylcholine. Therefore, patients should be considered when using honey to treat diabetes, should take proper doses of medicine as mentioned above.
Besides honey also treat osteoarthritis pain is quite effective.

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