Common manifestations of diabetes

Common manifestations of diabetes

Diabetes is one of the common diseases and very dangerous due to the complications it causes. The expression below will help us detect and prevent premature diabetes to have timely treatment direction and achieve high performance.

  • Expression or thirst and urination

When high levels of blood sugar, the body will take water from the cells in the blood sugar diluted, thereby stimulating brain feels thirsty to rehydrate the body. Therefore, people with diabetes often drink lots of water. Patients often frequent urination, night urination especially by renal activity to get rid of excess sugar in the blood.

Common manifestations of diabetes

People with diabetes often drink a lot of water

  • Regular expression fatigue, irritability

As with diabetes, patients are no longer able to use glucose in food to serve the daily activities that must take energy directly from fat tissue of the body, which causes a frequent fatigue each. Besides, getting up frequently to urinate night will reduce the quantity and quality of sleep should be arising irritability.

  • Expression eats much fast food but

Insulin moves glucose functions in addition to energy, it also stimulates the appetite and eat more. However, patients very quickly hungry by reducing the glycemic index, the body thinks it is not eaten, thereby stimulating hunger to solicit extra glucose needed for the operation of the cell.

  • Expression quick weight loss

Although eating a lot, but people with diabetes to weight dropped rapidly (from 5-10 kg within 2-3 months). The reason is explained, they must use energy derived from fat tissue, and sugar in food the body can not use and is excreted in the urine.Common manifestations of diabetes

  • Expression wound healing

The amount of sugar in the blood is too high making it difficult for the activity of white blood cells is responsible for protecting the body against the penetration of bacteria, germs and cleans the tissues, cells die. Besides, too much glucose in the veins move, the artery will damage the blood vessels, making it harder to circulate blood to various parts of the body. So open wounds will heal and become very vulnerable to infection.

  • Expression tingling and numbness

Diabetes will “destroy” the nerves in the body, causing tingling and numbness in hands, feet, along with a hot or swelling pain.

  • Expression blurred vision

When suffering from diabetes mellitus, the patient’s vision will diminish the signs look blurry vision, blurred. That’s because high blood sugar changes the morphology of the crystalline lens and the eye. If not treated promptly, glucose will change permanently iris, which can cause blindness.
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