Celery juice and lemon effectively treat diabetes

Celery juice and lemon effectively treat diabetes. Every year, diabetes destroys the lives of millions of people, the disease caused more serious complications such as gangrene, removing joints of the extremities, heart … There are many ways to control the amount of sugar at a safe level.

Diabetes is not only a threat to the life of the patient but in daily life, it causes the patient pain, fatigue. That is the reason that people should apply reasonable diet accompanied by measures to help balance blood sugar levels to control this dangerous disease.

Celery juice and lemon effectively treat diabetes

If you or a loved one is suffering from this cruel disease, follow the recipe that we present below. This recipe is extremely simple, with only 2 components perform as celery and lemon. Just your regular meals come with a reasonable diet, it will help reduce the unpleasant symptoms of diabetes. Gradually, the situation will be the most stable disease.

Here’s all you have to do to make this drink recipe:

Celery juice and lemon effectively treat diabetes

– 300 g celery stalks (just take stalks, leaves)
– 6 lemons
Wash celery stalks and put in the juicer to extract the juice squeezed and place in an enameled pot. Add to the pot of 6 lemon juice, then cover carefully.

Celery juice and lemon effectively treat diabetes

Next, place a pot containing a mixture of glazed celery juice and lemon into a large pot steamed to perform. Steaming the mixture on the stove over low heat for 2 hours. Note while engaging you should check the water level in the big pot, to avoid evaporation of water will affect the mix celery and lemon.

Celery juice and lemon effectively treat diabetes

After 2 hours, take off the heat and opened the lid to let the mixture cool completely. Finally, fill the mixture of water and lemon juice into a bottle to glass, tightly closed and stored in the fridge is.
How to use?
In the morning, take 1 tablespoon of the mixture for 30 minutes before breakfast. Regular meals each day until all the mixture. Then, check your medical condition, you will see great results there.

Wish you happy healthy life!


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