6 best fruits for diabetics

6 best fruits for diabetics

Diabetics are “miserable” because they must eat the fruit limitations. Oriental medicine experts recommend choosing 6 fruit, nutritious, has not increased the amount of sugar in the body.
Eat fruit regularly is a good habit, but a lot of fruits have a relatively high sugar content, easily lead to hyperglycemia.
If you just like to eat fruit intake did not want too much sugar in the body, they must do? Eastern medical experts guide you 6 best fruits for diabetics.

1. Guava
Guava is a popular tropical fruit, originating from the Americas. Pale green fruit ripens, the tender meat sweet and cool thick, in the middle are the result of tiny particles, eat deliciously.
Guava is a fruit with rich nutritional content, contain large amounts of vitamins A, C, fiber and trace elements such as phosphorus, potassium, calcium, magnesium … besides protein and lipid guava are also diverse.

guava good for diabetes

Eating guava regularly can help you fight aging, elimination of toxins from the body, promote metabolism, regulate physiological functions, improve health. More particularly, guava fruit is a very good for people with diabetes.

2. Papaya
Papaya is a fruit ingredient extremely rich nutrition, papaya contains papain enzymes bulk substances, rennet, carotene, … with more than 17 kinds of amino acids and nutritional ingredients.
Papaya also works to prevent high blood pressure, nephritis, constipation, aid digestion, boost metabolism and anti-aging.
Enzyme papain in papaya has the effect of promoting the metabolism in the skin, excretion of mucus buildup in the pores and skin aging substance, make skin whiter healthier.
In addition, papaya also has the antibacterial anti-inflammatory effect, reducing blood lipids.

papaya good for diabetes

3. Fruit grapefruit
Grapefruit is to eat more fruits because grapefruit may have the effect of reducing blood sugar. According to oriental medicine, welding grapefruit sweet, sour pepper phlegm effect, aids digestion, supports the treatment of edema, sore throat …
In addition to eating grapefruit can direct extraction of the juice drink. Especially people with diabetes should eat more grapefruit, because of large amounts of grapefruit contains insulin component, not only to reduce blood sugar levels but also have cardioprotective effects.

Grapefruit is good for diabetes

4. Fruit cherry
Cherry is a fruit with low sugar, so those who are afraid of fat can choose to replace cherry fruits with high sugar content other.
As agreed, moderates cherries, sweet gas utility tonic effect damage, sweating, detoxification and skin beauty, in addition to very good support treatment of stomach disorders …

cherries good for diabetesEspecially women should eat more cherries are good for health and beauty. Pectin content in rich cherry, which has the effect of increasing the amount of insulin secretion, thereby quickly reduce and stabilize blood sugar.
Therefore, those recommendations have high blood sugar levels and people with diabetes should eat a lot of cherries.

5. Apples
We can say the apple is a fruit very common in the daily life of us, but many people do not know that apples are one of the fruits have relatively low sugar content.
Sweet apple cold calculation, regardless of apple varieties will have an effect gas utility nursing care, beverage, reduce a cough, kidney, stomach support, relieve stress afflictions.

apple good for diabetesEspecially, for those who regularly eat more apples drunk because alcohol apples work great prize. Eating apples can help lower blood sugar levels, so it is especially good for people with diabetes.

6. Fruit venture snow
Snow venture results originating from Yunnan Province, China. Is a pure natural fruit flavored refreshing, crunchy sweet delicious, rich in trace elements necessary for the body: amino acids, vitamins, protein, calcium, zinc, magnesium …
Snow associated with fruit sugar content fructooligosaccharide but the highest calorie intake low. Rich in soluble fiber, but the body does not absorb carbohydrates, so this fruit is suitable for diabetics and obese people.

Fruit venture snowIn addition, the results also have the effect of snow venture conditioning stomach, promote digestion, laxative, protect and improve digestive function, and can regulate the blood, reduce blood sugar, lipid, blood pressure, inhibiting the development of cholesterol and diabetes.

Above are 6 best fruits for diabetics. This is only a brief, to learn more diabetes treatments invite you here. Thank you.

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